Drum Set

At Generation Custom Drums we build solid wood drums from locally sourced, sustainably harvested woods. Each board is hand selected from a local mill.

Our drums are built using the stave or coopered process. This means starting with a flat board which is then cut into small “staves” which are beveled on each edge to an exact angle that allows them to be glued into a complete circle of 12, 16 or 20 sides.

This rough shape is then mounted on a lathe and machined smooth inside and out.

This uses about .001% the amount of glue and puts much less stress on the wood when compared to the manufacturing process of gluing multiple plies of wood bent around a form.

Stave drums allow the wood to fully resonate and the true tone of the wood to come through. (like a marimba bar)

Generation Custom Drums hand crafts every part of our drum sets excluding the heads. All our drums are made from solid stave construction using hand selected hard woods.

Even our optional segmented wood hoops and wooden lug bodies are made in shop to complement each drum in both resonance and esthetics.

Every drum has a different sound and Generation Custom Drums pulls every bit of potential from each drum we craft.

Whether it’s isolating the drum shell with neoprene gaskets on all the hardware or giving our drums an oil rub down, we will do anything to make those drums sing!

Locally harvested maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, oak (white, red, quartersawn), sycamore and ash are readily available.

Please contact us for a quote.

Generation Custom Drums set shown here, played by Kenny Befus,
at The Union, Kalamazoo, MI.