Generation Custom Drums has furthered the design of the cajon by incorporating a snare bed and a snare throw-off into our innovative cajon design.

We hand set each snare to be perfectly flush with the tapa. The snare bed further seats the snare wires into the tapa resulting in clear bass tones and defined finger rolls without overly buzzing.

The snare throw-off uses the tension of the snare cables to index into the on position and simply slide back to “throw-off” the snares.  This can be done two seconds or less!

Two allen screws allow you to dial the snare strings to the precise tension you want.  This allows for a softer, washy-er sound when loose, or a tight defined “chick” when tighter.

The opposite or “open” side of the cajon acts as a sounding board for the bass on the snare side and also allows playing without snares for a “rumba” cajon sound.  This side is glued on creating tonal quality akin to a conga.

All of our custom cajons are made with SOLID wood bodies and aircraft grade birch plywood playing surfaces (6 plies & 3mils thick).  The sound hole is on the side of the drum and can be custom cut into many different designs for an extra charge. They are then finished off with a thick foam seat pad and heavy duty rubber feet.